Smart vision: Connect everything to the cloud

Your workforce is stuck in a rut. In their personal lives, they can share content on their smartphones, access their photos from anywhere with a hotspot, and work on their school reunion plan collaboratively across the planet. But at work? Not so much. They can't get their files on their new devices. They can't easily work on external networks. And collaboration is more of a search and rescue mission than a useful exercise.

Most of the cloud storage apps out there aren't helping you. They're focused on vacuuming up all your files while they figure out their business model. To accelerate your business, you need a smarter way of doing things - a smarter cloud for data.

Oxygen is smart because it connects everything together: your devices, your files, your identities, and your storage. Oxygen helps your employees to be productive anywhere. They don't have to think about which device to carry. Oxygen helps them connect nearly any device to nearly any storage infrastructure, so they can get sensitive files from anywhere with full IT compliance. And Oxygen connects people together so file sharing can happen right on the desktop. No need to go anywhere to get the files you need.

Get more done with less technology roadblocks. That's what connecting everything does. And that's what Oxygen is here for.

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Smart access: Cloud storage that works like regular storage

Oxygen uses the cloud to provide file sync and mobile access to all files anywhere.

But unlike others, we don’t stop there.

With a simple installation, users get a fast cloud app for iOS, Android, laptops and desktops, so they can browse, edit and work on all their files, from any storage, as much as 10 times faster than the competition. Our cloud apps run natively in the operating system so they can take advantage of the whole platform.

Desktop applications like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint “just work” with Oxygen. Just open, edit and save. No need to login to a portal just to get a single file or even hundreds of files. The Oxygen drive syncs your files as well as shared files from thousands of other users in your company. And in addition to supporting a faster workflow, our Cloud apps can connect to local storage, which means faster access to data that's closer. No roundtrips to a distant data center and no need for a separate "Accelerator."

Box, as the name suggests, doesn't really move

Smart infrastructure: Cloud remixed with enterprise authentication and private storage

We give IT full control over user identities and data, and provide storage choice with smart infrastructure. This means you can keep all your company’s sensitive data on private storage and even extend to multiple different providers of cloud storage if you need to. This means supporting your compliance policies and integrating with existing identity systems like Active Directory for easier management. And whether you keep your storage public or private, our platform delivers cloud-speed IT with automatic updates and massive scalability.

Options are better than no options

Smart control: End-to-end protection without buying five other products

Oxygen is smarter for your enterprise because you get all the benefits of a cloud service without any compromise. It’s true. Everyone else puts you at risk because they create uncontrolled copies of your data in their cloud and on all user devices. With other products, as soon as the data hits your Windows or Mac desktop, it's in the open. What good is locking the front door if all your windows are open?

Oxygen is the only service capable of managing all your data from end-to-end, from device authorization to storage brokering, from user authorization to compliance auditing. Oxygen gives businesses a smarter, holistic solution for file sharing and mobile collaboration - not a mixed bag of additional point products and a ream of new bills.

With others, you need a whole suite of products to get the control of Oxygen

You’re smart and so is your business. That’s why you need a smarter way to leverage the cloud.


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