We, the Oxygeneers, believe in the pursuit of innovation and the power of ideas and technology to change the world into a better place. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Not all technologies are created equal, but we are here to create a company and a technology platform that will be meaningful and long lasting.

Cloud is the key to the new era

Every day, millions of users are using cloud apps such as Facebook and Evernote across different devices. Smartphones, tablets and applications have ushered us all into a new generation where we’re constantly connected to the world around us, and we’re always creating and consuming digital data in both our personal and professional lives. Cloud has become indispensable to most of us in our daily routine, yet how many businesses and enterprise have been able to fully leverage and embrace the cloud?

Redefining data access for the Cloud era

File systems, VPN, content management, and web portals are things of the past. With all the advances available, the same old is not enough. Something a lot smarter is needed for the hundreds of millions of cloud devices out there. Tomorrow’s companies need a data access solution that weaves together all the users, devices and their choice of backend infrastructure in a brand new way.

Oxygen Cloud is the Smart Cloud of the future

Our mission is to deliver the best cloud access for all users. We are building the most powerful and usable platform to connect users, devices, and apps for businesses and enterprises around the world. Oxygen’s platform is architected with a mix of cutting edge technology and thoughtful design. Our smart cloud technology enables smart access, smarter infrastructure integration and smartest controls around all data.

You deserve something smarter. We’re here to give you the smart cloud of the future.