Think the iPad or other new Android tablets are just another gadget, just another toy? Well think again. There is a lot more you can do with your iPad besides reading NY Times or streaming videos from YouTube. More productivity apps are available, and more and more people are relying on their iPads to get work done.

More than one device? Yes. We know.

The days where everyone only had one desktop sitting at home or in the office are gone. And it’s not just laptops that you carry around. You have a smartphone in your pocket, and then you recently got an iPad (or an Android tablet) that you bring with you wherever you go too!

Welcome to the club. This is now a multi-device world that we all live in.

We are here to help. Drag your files into your Oxygen drive from your laptop or desktop. Once you do, you can easily access and sync your files from your iPad or any other mobile device.

Stay in sync: All your latest files on all your devices

Now you are rushing to the airport to attend a few client meetings out of town in the next couple of days. But it’s a short trip and you want to travel light – just pack your iPad and leave your bulky laptop at home. Don't worry. You can get access to all the files you need anyway!

Sync files on your iPad and access them offline

Worry about not having wifi while you are traveling? Easy. Just tap to sync the files you need onto your iPad and they will be available to you even when you are offline. Now you can sit back, relax, and review your presentations before your meetings while you are on the plane.

Automatically get the newest files

If others edit one of your shared files, don’t worry about emailing attachments back and forth anymore. Oxygen automatically syncs the latest version from the cloud for you. That way you are always in sync with the most updated files you need. Your colleague updated the customer presentation the night before? Don’t worry. He saved them back directly into Oxygen so we got you covered.

Share with others from your iPad

You reviewed all the presentations on the flight. Now you’re on the way to your hotel… but before the day is over you need to share the presentation with your customers. They asked to get a copy before your meeting tomorrow. Oxygen makes it simple – just create a share link to the file, then copy and paste that link and email it to your customer. They can easily download the file from the link.

Set an expiration on the share link that way you don’t have to worry about confidential information floating somewhere on the Internet in the future.

There’s an app for that: Work on your files anywhere

You’re up and ready for your big day today… only to get an upsetting phone call from a colleague. There has been a mistake on the presentation and you will need to get that updated as soon as possible before the meeting! You are already on the road counting down to the minutes until you arrive.

So you go to Oxygen on your iPad and open up the document. Since this is a Powerpoint, you decide to use Quickoffice via the “open in” option. Hurry, now make all the changes you need through the editor, and save it back into Oxygen!

Now you just need to quickly share the updated contract back to your client, and your colleagues will also automatically get the new version you saved in the shared Oxygen folder as well.

It was a breeze wasn’t it? You didn’t need to carry your bulky laptop around. All you needed was your iPad and all your apps. Oxygen helps you stay in sync with all the files you need, and integrates with additional productivity apps so you can work, share and collaborate on files anywhere.

Other than Quickoffice, you can also use Oxygen with PDF Expert, Notability, Apple iWorks and more! Is there an app you like us Oxygen to integrate with? Well let us know in the comments below and we’ll try our best!