Secure and flexible

Oxygen Cloud fits two very critical needs for ING: the end user demand for an easy way to access files anywhere, and IT’s need to keep data on-premises for governance, ownership and access control. Oxygen integrates with ING’s private storage infrastructure to provide the visibility and governance IT requires, while offering a simple and intuitive interface for users to access and sync their files across different devices, particularly Apple iPads.

“How can we do exactly the same thing (as consumer cloud services), don’t take away any of the usability, but how can we have the visibility and governance around it,” says Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO of ING Direct Canada in a video interview with the Oxygen team. “Oxygen was the only solution out there that actually helped us implement our first private cloud.”

Deploys quickly for immediate results

Oxygen deployed in less than two weeks and is now serving executives and IT staff with sensitive information. ING also leverages Oxygen's tight integration with PDF Expert Enterprise for rich PDF functionality. Overall, Oxygen enabled ING Direct Canada to work smarter from their own private cloud - leveraging their existing storage and authentication yet providing users the full benefits of anywhere mobile access to and collaboration on all corporate files.

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