Medela Replaces Dropbox with Oxygen Cloud to Support BYOD using Private Storage

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Medela, the industry-leading manufacturers for nursing mother products, have recently adopted Oxygen Cloud to replace Dropbox in their company. The Medela team needed an easy to use file sync solution to support mobile access to files on their private storage so they can eliminate the headaches of supporting VPN for hundreds of users.

Easy Mobile Access Without the Pain of VPN

VPN have essentially become very painful networking when IT needed to support the executive team and all the users to access the company network share. Employees have begun using their own mobile devices and laptops, and needed a way to securely access work files outside of the office.

Oxygen’s virtual drive syncs files across teams and different devices, so everyone would always have access to the most updated shared files. In addition, the ability for Oxygen’s virtual drives to support offline caching is a great plus for the executives who travel often and need offline access at times.

Control and Protect Company IP with Private Cloud Storage

Medela is known for their constant innovation in the industry, and the company has a need to protect their IP and secure sensitive information on their own data centers. Other providers that Medela have evaluated such as Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Cloud Drive and a few others have not been able to meet the requirement to keep their own data on site. These other cloud solutions require Medela to upload their data into a public cloud, and create copies of the data in other external data centers.

“Great product! The look and feel of a public cloud housed right within our own datacenters."

Oxygen Cloud provided the perfect solution for Medela by supporting mobile sync and access to their private storage, which has over 1TB of data in three different data centers. Medela keeps all their data on-premise, maintaining total control over data access and user authentication. All files on Oxygen are encrypted from core to end point, and only decrypts when an authenticated user and device has the right permissions to access and edit.

Oxygen enables Medela to leverage their existing private storage and infrastructure, protect company IP on private storage, and still support their users’ BYOD and mobile access needs. Does your company have similar needs? Talk to us and see how we can help!