Fonville Morisey Realty Successfully Implements Anywhere Mobile Access for 11 Offices Nationwide

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Fonville Morisey Realty, a leader in new and resale residential real estate, have 11 sales offices with 700+ sales associates across the country. Over the last year, field agents have become increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to stay productive while they are constantly traveling back and forth between client meetings. They needed a mobile access solution that can help their agents stay connected to their files easily.

Easy mobile access without the need for VPN or network shares

VPN have essentially become very painful networking when IT needed to support the executive team and all the users to access the company network share. Employees have begun using their own mobile devices and laptops, and needed a way to securely access work files outside of the office.

Oxygen virtual drives for secure file sharing and BYOD

Fonville Morisey’s agent teams set up various shared spaces on Oxygen so everyone can share files with each other regardless of which office or physical location they are at. Oxygen’s virtual drives delivers a seamless, native user experience keeping everyone in sync with all their shared files on all their devices. From the desktop, users can access files from their file system, then edit and work on files the same way without any change in their normal workflow. When they’re away? Well users can still easily browse and open files from Oxygen mobile from anywhere.

“Our agents can select any mobile device they feel will help them be productive and in many cases they have multiple devices, so it was extremely important that the solution supported the majority of the popular mobile devices and PCs on the market. Our agent teams needed a dedicated space where they can share files among themselves and be able to send confidential documents to clients and know they were encrypted and password protected. Finally, having the option to choose storage providers that offered data redundancy or our own data center gives us flexibility if our needs change,” says John Schweighardt, CIO of Fonville Morisey Realty.

Meeting IT’s need for security and data control

Oxygen was the perfect fit from both a security and usability perspective for Fonville Morisey Realty. It gets complete centralized control over their data while enabling their agents and employees with file access from any device, anywhere. Oxygen’s virtual drive technology secures data at a granular level, providing an encrypted container from end to end to protect against unauthorized user or device access to sensitive data.

Oxygen’s centralized control and Active Directory integration allows Fonville Morisey Realty to easily manage access, create shared spaces for team file sharing, and leverage existing AD groups for remote office access. Fonville Morisey Realty is deploying 1000 Oxygen accounts to cover its employees, real estate agents, mortgage and title company representatives.

“Oxygen was the perfect fit and implementing the AD connector on our Microsoft HyperV Virtual environment required minimal time and effort. This has been one of the easier company-wide rollouts we have done.”